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Critical Review of the Super Cruise Video Poker Machine

Flight basic safety is one thing all pilots communicate about. They Dwell it, settle for it, and often hope to pick it of their working day-to-day life during the aviation world. For the Super Cub fanatic, the Extended Slotted Wing from Dakota Cub gives pilots the chance to boost their protection margin as well as boosting the climb functionality with the aircraft.

Imagine traveling your Tremendous Cub at a substantial angle of assault While using the airspeed indicator studying 20 mph, then rolling into 60-levels of lender and initiating a climbing spiral even though picking a power setting which is lower than full throttle! That is The standard exhibition that sells the Dakota Cub Extended Slotted Wing. The next most mentioned excellent of the wing is a chance to have comprehensive flight Manage authority at high angles of assault. No more delicate controls, plopping it down, or wing fall on stall.

Mark Erickson, the founding father of Dakota Cub, began his mission while in the 1990’s. All he preferred was a Cub rib. Practically nothing from Piper was out there at a reasonable Expense and Considering that the Piper ribs ended up so fragile, he chose to Develop his personal. He utilized contemporary-day technological innovation to an old Piper wing that was at first made for your YL-14 liaison version with the J5C Cub. The YL-14 wing was a slotted wing. In keeping with Erickson, there have been only fourteen of such aircraft created ahead of the close of World War two. They were specially engineered for brief choose-offs of one hundred-toes and climbs with substantial angles of assault. There are only two of those continue to from the air now – a single in Spain; the other in Nebraska.

The Dakota Cub Prolonged Slotted Wing has many variances when compared to the original Cub wing and the L-14 wing for that matter. Erickson revised the first Piper US35B airfoil useful for the L-14. He made a personalized “T” formed extrusion with the similar Proportions that when used in creating a truss-type rib, is lighter, more simple to work with, and more robust than the original wing. Erickson acquired a STC for The brand new wing in 1993.

Erickson’s new rib only adds 7 lbs to the burden of each authentic PiperĀ  Superslot wing. The brand new wing has actually been structurally examined to in obtain of 2,200 lbs, however, the STC limitations the gross bodyweight to 1,750 lbs for the original wing or 2,000 lbs for people wings Geared up Using the Wipaire One particular Ton Cub STC. This artificial reduction will hopefully be altered Down the road. While in the intervening years, Erickson has created ribs and all kinds of other parts which might be FAA PMA-ed for all rag-wing Pipers. Erickson was granted the STC for the complete-size leading edge slot in 1998. This slot can help preserve the boundary layer of airflow at sluggish speeds. Along with that, Erickson engineered a squared off wing and got rid of the suggestion bow offering the wing an extra 6% surface spot, greater the flaps which ends up in forty four% additional flap region, and pushed the ailerons outward 23-inches to the sting of the wing. He phone calls it the “Prolonged Wing.” The squared wing provides about 8 lbs to the first Piper wing.

Adding a slot for the Extended Wing provides A further 9 lbs for each wing, nevertheless the elevated safety envelope from which to fly is properly definitely worth the trade-off. The flight properties of your squared-off and slotted wing, which Erickson phone calls the “Extended Slotted Wing”, is the main benefit and emphasis with regards to selection of wings to incorporate with your Cub job. The Prolonged Slotted Wing is the greatest undertaking wing provided by Dakota Cub. It has a one hundred thirty five-inch slot, a squared-off wing with 102-inch ailerons, along with a ninety.twenty five-inch flap. Dakota Cub also offers the typical Cub wing and a squared-off wing without the slot.

The Extended Slotted Wing is just a safer wing. It permits the next important angle of attack, slower stall velocity, and basically removes the unexpected lack of raise rather than a straight wing. It delays the separation with the air movement through the wing area, Therefore aileron authority is managed and in many circumstances the sole sign of the stall might be the next-than-normal rate of first rate. This phenomenon will allow the sink rate of the aircraft on approach to landing being managed by electrical power on your own enabling a far more precise touchdown stage without panic of a wing stalling or slipping off on just one side. The wing also has an enhanced roll fee due to ailerons staying prolonged to the end in the wing.

If you’d like to choose complete advantage of the Prolonged Slotted Wing on the Super Cub, then it is recommended to put in a 3-inch gear extension. The equipment extension will permit the slow pace capabilities with the wing to consider whole result on landing. Bigger tires will supply for this also. Small gear coupled with smaller tires will end in tail wheel first landings plus a choose-off run that is lengthier than optimal mainly because it’s harder to accomplish that bigger angle of attack.

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