An In Depth Look At The vivo S1 Pro Smartphone

This is the Vivo S1 Pro review, where we take a look at the pros and cons of this smartphone. After all, it is one of the most popular smartphones available in the market. The first go held by the Vivo S1 Pro could only make out some of the subtle features refinements that have been implemented into the device. Maybe its just the square or very diamond-like rear camera module, the pleasantly light and well-ergonomically-designed front, or even the vivid red alert light on the power key.

This was able to shoot my friend’s video, so the lens has some flex. The main camera on this smartphone is not the most powerful, but it does help that it is capable of shooting in either medium (HD or LCD). So, if you are the type who prefers to edit photos immediately after their capture, then the front and back cameras are not really suitable for you. But, this is an excellent smartphone with excellent camera functionality.

One of the reasons that I like this handset so much is that it has a very powerful primary camera. It has a 16 mega-pixels resolution, which is quite a large sensor. In the comparison image above, you can clearly see the difference in clarity when taking images with the Vivo S1 Pro and the iPhone, although you will notice the difference in photos taken with the Nokia E71, which uses a different sensor. Since this is the primary camera on this phone, you will definitely benefit from having a professional looking result.

There are some characteristics of the vivo s1 pro which sets it apart from other smartphones. First of all, it has a very large battery. This is surprising because this smartphone doesn’t really have many features which would require a huge amount of battery life. It is powered by a lithium-ion polymer and comes with a two-year warranty. The phone also has a great display and a high-speed internet connection, which means that you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge again while you are downloading and using applications on the go.

The Proximity sensor on this smartphone is also something I really love. Since the vivo s1 pro has a high-speed cellular vivo s1 pro  network as well, it makes it very easy for me to stay in touch even when I am away from my home or office. It is also capable of providing me with fast charging technology, meaning that I can take this smartphone with me wherever I go.

The vivo s1 pro has a standard and slim design. However, its body is not just smooth and flat; it has curves and textures, such as an egg shape, which give it a sporty and dynamic look. It also comes in several colors, including metallic black and red, and has a unique front glass that houses the micro SD card which supports micro GB transferring. On the other hand, it also has a neat back plate that has two holsters and a USB type-C port. The power and volume controls are located on its left edge, while the SIM tray and speakerphone jack are situated on its right edge.